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sam (13 Oct 2015 21:29): Lincoln Chaffee said in the debate today that he has never had a scandal. Well wikipedia says he's wrong! I'm sure this will be taken down soon, so here is the text:

Frog Scandal
On March 6th, 2003 the FBI was summoned to the Chaffee residence. Allegations had surfaced the week prior on deadspin about the illegal allocation of taxpayer money within the Chaffee estate. Adam Schefter of ESPN had inside information from a source saying that Lincoln had used $23.17 (roughly 19% of the Rhode Island GDP) of Rhode Island taxpayer money at the Providence Wal-Mart to purchase 3 frogs for his aquarium. The investigation is still ongoing.
R (18 Oct 2015 2:53): Be honest — did you put that in there? Either way, that is hilarious.
G (18 Oct 2015 9:32): FROG TRUTH
R (18 Oct 2015 11:16): Is Lincoln Chafee's presidential campaign Frog Fractions 2???
Paul (23 Jun 2017 18:23): Am I too easily impressed by Al Franken's self-restraint when he has a hilarious joke to say in the senate?
sam (25 Jun 2017 21:03): Al Franken for president.