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Paul (15 Jun 2004 4:54): AOL QuickBuddy
Grant Laughlin (15 Jun 2004 6:51): Fails to load, for me.
I guess I probably don't need it, if I've got an AIM(or whatever) client, though?
Paul (1 Sep 2008 18:48): GTK dependencies for Firefox 3
Paul (9 Sep 2008 17:49): Calculus placement tests:
Washington University
California / Precalculus
R (18 Jun 2009 10:35): Katzenklavier
m (19 Jun 2009 23:05): is the laugh at the end of the Lain episode title the same as the laugh that this puppet in Blade Runner makes towards the end of the movie?
m (19 Jun 2009 23:06): right before the stupidest attack-handspring-sequence I've ever seen.
R (22 Jun 2009 2:17): To be honest, I don't think so, but couldn't swear to it. OTOH, while the handspring attack looks a bit clumsy, the International Theatrical release and the Final Cut version have some extra violence in this scene — Priss pulls at Deckards nostrils, and he shoots Priss a third time, with what seems to be some disgust. Gotta love the extra violence.
m (22 Jun 2009 22:06): In hindsight, I don't think so either. But the laugh does seem eerily familiar.
m (23 Jun 2009 17:18): but god can be funny / at a cocktail party while you're listening to a good god-themed joke
Thread Police (23 Jun 2009 23:50): Okay, that /is/ a link, but it isn't as convenient as it could be:
The official music video for 'Laughing With'.
The lyrics for 'Laughing With'.
And all of this should be in Music, music, or Good Music (Pick /one/).
Please do not start a "good music", "Good music", or "Have you heard of this new music?" thread, unless and until we have so much posting activity in one of the existing topics that it would simplify the use of this forum.
Also, the official video for 'Dance Anthem of the 80s'.
fuck tha police (24 Jun 2009 0:08):
Paul (27 Jun 2009 7:46): Whereas Django #11396 is a link I might use for my own convenience,
now therefore I am posting it under the topic convenience links.
Deep Thoughts (3 Jul 2009 13:33): The internet is like a zero-gravity toilet.
G (3 Jul 2009 21:24): Make that a normal toilet... in zero G.
G (26 May 2011 23:47): So I guess this is now the Blade Runner thread?
R (13 Jul 2011 3:32): Ian's Shoelace Site
Lacing and knot styles, ahoy!
m (13 Jul 2011 9:15): shoelaces! Convenient!
z (14 Jul 2011 13:17): I think i'm switching to the Ian knot.
m (14 Jul 2011 15:29): I like Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot, but I don't want to look stupid in public thinking hard while I try to tie my shoes...
m (14 Jul 2011 15:32): man, Ian Knot is way better than the granny that I normally use...
m (14 Jul 2011 15:35): and my secure Ian knot feels messy, though I like that the usual pull-to-untie is preserved
z (14 Jul 2011 16:29):
G (15 Jul 2011 22:53): But the checkerboard is the most 'popular,' somehow.
Paul (29 Jul 2011 5:39): omg I think I've been tying my shoes in a "granny knot" for 25 years even after learning knots as a boy scout. The boy scouts never discussed applicability to shoes.
m (29 Jul 2011 12:45): no joke! How dumb did you feel when you realized...
Paul (30 Jul 2011 11:06): never mind. upon actually tying my shoes (as opposed to a piece of string) my hands did the right thing and the knot came out square.
m (31 Jul 2011 10:13): so I'm the only one here who's been screwing it up all my life? grumpy!
Paul (28 Nov 2011 15:04): what order to add variables to a multiple regression
m (4 Dec 2011 23:06): ghostery!
G (5 Dec 2011 2:04): Looks good. Let us know how it goes in case I don't get to it right away.
m (5 Dec 2011 10:32): pretty great out the box, but insufficiently configurable for the long run, I think
Paul (27 Feb 2012 7:58): Why won't Excel print my graphs correctly?: 1 2
m (27 Feb 2012 9:10): Google docs does a lot of excel-type-things now - maybe there's your answer?
m (29 Mar 2012 20:03): parcel map for paul
Paul (22 Apr 2012 19:05): Send through gmail SMTP with Python
Paul (9 Oct 2012 7:31):
m (12 Oct 2012 1:24): [flagged as spam]
(14 Nov 2013 22:00): important reminder how to set up git to work with a central-ish repository (which is the only way I understand how to use git, anyway, and is not easy for me to remember the instructions without looking them up)
Paul (17 Oct 2014 20:24): I spent a long time searching as many links are outdated, but finally found a copy of the 1999 Dutil-Dumas interstellar message, with explanations
G (19 Oct 2014 13:08): Those graphics remind me of my old TI-85.
m (19 Oct 2014 13:47): A whole character set that looks like straight out of Conway's game of life