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Charles Mudede

m (3 Jun 2014 7:25): I do love his economics. Speaking of which, any of you read this new Thomas Piketty book he can't stop talking about?

RE Napster: To this day, I still find it astonishing that Napster, a groundbreaking peer-to-peer file sharing program that went into operation in 1999, was effectively shutdown in the middle of 2001 for a crime it did not commit. All that the company did was transform the structure of a network. But the structural change caught capital by complete surprise, and it refused to follow the rules of its own ideology. It did not adapt to the new environment.
R (3 Jun 2014 7:39): I haven't yet! Pretty sure I'm going to dig it though. Interestingly, it came out like a year ago, but in (the original) French, thus getting no attention whatsoever from the American media. The intelligentsia/pundit class ain't what it used to be.