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Caveat Emptor

Paul (26 Nov 2008 17:04): Comcast modem refuses to give DHCP address to Linksys router. One post recommends "Mac Address Cloning" (spoofing), but even that doesn't seem to work. My take: avoid Comcast.
m (28 Nov 2008 12:22): list of webcams supporting linux uvc
m (28 Nov 2008 12:28): spca-chipset webcams
m (29 Nov 2008 17:19): assholes
G (30 Nov 2008 23:48): assholes

So much more threatening as a hyperlink, eh?
m (2 Dec 2008 0:30): ay!
Paul (21 Jun 2009 15:47): Mischief: Make a site to nab webmail passwords. (Quick! Before people start thinking! Ok maybe it doesn't have to be quick, then.)
Paul (29 Mar 2010 17:25): caveat emptor