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Blurst of the Web

R (4 Jul 2015 12:13): Wait, this is a better topic.

courtesy G
R (4 Jul 2015 12:23): Bite It, You Scum, Disney Radio Version
R (9 Aug 2015 2:49): "American Dog and Monster something something"
m(oji) (12 Aug 2015 15:32): 🍔🔌💡📶
m (14 Aug 2015 16:38): Those emoji look like garbage in Win7 Firefox
R (23 Sep 2015 13:59): OK, this is more Blurst of Usenet, but: The FAQ for the joke that started as alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork. It's in alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb form, OF COURSE.
R (1 Nov 2015 1:02): E M O T I O N S A R E R E A L

Mulder's emotions for bigfoot teetays, that is.

The actual, non slowed-down song is kinda catchy?
G (11 Jan 2016 9:14): I love that this 2 Unlimited music video gets its own mini making-of documentary film.

Also I guess the 90's equivalent of GOING INSIDE A COMPUTER seems to be... getting stuck in a pinball machine?
G (12 Nov 10:28): Drew Toothpaste has a new podcast called FTF! The first episode is not great yet, but I'll let you know if it gets better!
G (12 Nov 16:14): Oh, well.
m (14 Nov 15:40): Oh well = not better? I've been listening to Ezra Klein's podcast, which is solid.
G (14 Nov 17:14): Yes! His podcast is fantastic, as is his other podcast The Weeds.