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Grant (11 Jul 2005 1:08): My web-browsing has been in decline, lately. There are several factors, but a big one would have to be that I now am checking a few blogs regularly - these so-called 'blogs,' then, have replaced many of the websites that were frequently in my rotation.

I particularly recommend Fact-Esque.
m (11 Jul 2005 22:26): fact-esque used the word "corpo-fascists" re attackers of the judiciary, and I'm not sure if they mean "fascists who want control over your body vis same-sex banging and pre-baby killing" or if they mean "fascists in the pocket of large corporations. pockets even. one pocket couldn't possibly hold all of that money, or if one did, other corporations would spring up around the production of fabric and related materials involved in maintenance of such a giant pocket"
the latter seems kinda more likely
(12 Jul 2005 2:29): Or maybe it's a conjoinder of 'corpulent fascists.'
Check out my new word, by the way.
We should band together and write supplementary news posts for Penny Arcade, or something.

Oh, right. I linked to them a bajillion times already, but Fafblog is also supreme in some, nay, many regards.
Grant (12 Jul 2005 2:30): There's nothing worse than not only being unable to fix a post once you've made it, but also being unable to preview the post before you make it.

The first is a result of the blog script, the second is just a personal defect.
Grant (12 Jul 2005 20:02): Fact-esque keeps the parade of scumbags and their evil deeds rolling on by. What she likes to call corporate fascism really does seem to have a lot of victims - is their simply no way to curb it?

I understand how unlikely it is to be enacted, but I really think that the kind of manipulative, immoral lobbying that is showcased there should be an actual, legal crime. I think people should be put in jail for that kind of bullshit. I'm not really sure how that could be phrased, legally, however.

Maybe it's time to turn to vigilante justice, or something. Can somebody fashion a bat-signal?
Grant (12 Jul 2005 23:29): There's also Crooked Timber, which like all blogs worth reading has a pithy name.

Do you think we could somehow pithify Mancalablog?
m (13 Jul 2005 8:36): Pussyfooter Vocabularists
Penny-Arcade Newspost Hopefuls
Vitriolic Anarchists
Hell-bound Hedonists
AssBlog, SassBlog, DisestablishmentBlog
man, coming up with pithy mancalablog alternate names is fun