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R (14 Jan 2007 4:55): Hipster contrarianism is a nice segue into: The iPhone.

I don't really like it.

It's pretty as all get out. But:
Touchscreen keyboard
Only Apple-blessed applications (e.g. where the hell is my AIM client? Also, ssh plz?)
Price, price, and price (I am too lazy to intersperse this objection in the other list for comedic effect, please do so mentally)
Seriously. 599 US dollars, anyone?
G (14 Jan 2007 8:48): I own a cellphone now, but it's really just part of the lifestyle over here. I never really thought I'd get another cell-phone when I went back home, and I still don't. Even if I did, though, that $500 ticket would probably be a deal-breaker. On top of the monthly charges, of course.

And, yeah, it's kinda disappointing that there might not be all the cool things we'd want on it, and no real way to put them on yourself.

But, still - what are you comparing it against? There are a lot of crippled, crappy cell phones out there.
R (14 Jan 2007 22:16): Yes, there are many, many crummy cell phones, and carriers as well. But I'd really like Apple not to make a crummy phone, or work with shitty carriers (e.g. Verizon)
But, the Treo offers a tactile keyboard and 3rd party applications right now. Not nearly as pretty, not a great music device, but still. I suppose Apple can change their mind about development at some point, but they seem to be saying it's not going to be nearly as large a field. I mean, it doesn't sync contacts / events wirelessly at the moment. Whiskey Hotel Foxtrot.
G (14 Jan 2007 22:49): Yeah, Treos might be better. And cheaper.
G (14 Jan 2007 23:00): Jeez, I decided to look up how much a Cingular plan costs for a Treo, and yikes. According to the Treo website:
You can get the Treo 680 for $199 if you sign up for a two-year plan.
(They sell the same phone, without plan, for $450. An unlocked phone is $400.)
The cheapest plan sold is the 450 minute plan ($40), but you have to buy the data on top of that (10 MB/mo. for $25).
Total: $65/month, for 24 months = $1560 + phone price. If you don't go over 10 MB.
And that's probably still $300/400 cheaper than an iPhone. An iPhone might get you closer to two large.
G (14 Jan 2007 23:14): Man, if they charged you that up front, there's no way people would go for it.
R (15 Jan 2007 1:27): Well, Steve Jobs wants to have 1% of the cell phone market in 2008. I guess I am not in the target demographic for that 1%. "Computers for the rest of us," indeed. On the plus side, it has 802.11b/g so you may not need a high-end data plan. Unlike with the current Treos. Visual voicemail should have been here fucking years ago. There is no good technological reason why I shouldn't be able to do it now with a current gen phone, except for carrier greed (voicemail phone tree eats minutes). Hopefully, the iPhone inspires the entire rest of the industry to start doing cooler stuff. Which I would be thankful for.
G (15 Jan 2007 6:46): Well, unless there's a Cingular plan available that's different from what's on the web page, the cheapest data plan is $25. So you'll probably need it if you ever want to use email away from wi-fi...
G (15 Jan 2007 6:47): And I completely agree about carrier greed. I really hope this scares some of them into making decent, uncrippled phones.
R (2 Jul 2007 20:27): I know I trashed it before, but why isn't anyone asking me if *I'm* getting an iPhone? *I'm* the Apple Certified Tech Nerd. I gets PAID to fart around and accidentally delete user files. And make terrible jokes that nobody would simultaneously understand and enjoy. ("Ah HELLs nah. You don't know rm -rf from rtfm, biatch! Go /~ and cry.")

And I didn't get an iPhone. </pouts>

But I'm thinking about it. Plans start at $60/mo for unlimited data, 200 text messages, 450 rollover minutes, and 5000 night/weekly minutes. Not great, but close to reasonable. I'm not sure if it would be a good thing to be able to browse the web ALL THE TIME, though. At least not for me. OTOH, I spend 1 hour/weekday riding the bus...

Sadly, DO WANT. Before this week, a Blackberry Pearl seemed like a really nice device. Still has all the features I want, but the magic is totally gone. iPhone done killed the romance.
G (3 Jul 2007 0:06): Well, for what it's worth, that was exactly the question on my mind: "Wonder if R's gonna get one?"

Because for me, the answer is a big "no," or at least a big "not yet." They do look pretty cool. But I'm not sure if I'm going to be getting any cell-phone at all, for now. So it would be kinda hard to justify it.

Spending an hour on the bus every day would go a long way towards justifying it, though. Right now that kind of thing is usually DS time for me, but being able to check the web would be like... it would be like what I would do if I wasn't on a bus. Seriously...

Of course, if speculation proves correct, and a price drop + 3rd party apps show up in the sorta near future... Well, it might be completely irresistible at that point.
DK (5 Jul 2007 15:25): There's a lot of things that put me off about the iphone - the price, the price of the monthly plan.

That, and honestly, I'm not a huge gadget guy. I enjoy PCs, but I have a hard time convincing myself to get the latest and greatest XYZ.

Reed, where are you working now-a-days?

R (5 Jul 2007 23:52): I work for RR Donnelley, doing onsite desktop support for a few RRD employees and the client we are working with. It's in Redmond, so the commute kinda sucks. Also, I now start work at 7 AM... which is the earliest I've ever consistently woken up in my life. I'm still not fully adjusted, I get home at ~4:30 and just crash... or stay up until my previous normal bedtime, and stagger around all day at work.
DK (6 Jul 2007 9:37): Wow, that commute and the start time sucks :(

Sleeping on the bus might be a better option than an iPhone...

R (19 Sep 2014 3:58):
R (19 Sep 2014 3:59):
R (19 Sep 2014 4:13): If you missed the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcement, this is a good liveblog of the event. Jony Ive: Finally, you can wear After Dark on your wrist." -Paul Ford
m (13 Oct 2014 20:15): Just cracked open the macbook charger to replace the cable. Housing was tearing right where it connects to the computer. Works great!
G (17 Oct 2014 20:05): Oh, for fuck's sake. Confirmed that the new Mac mini doesn't have replaceable ram.
R (18 Oct 2014 14:01): On top of the no-longer available quad-core option. Also, no confirmation yet if it will be possible to get two spinning drives internally, as it isn't a BTO option and the fusion drive / SSD options use a pcie based drive.

The Intel 5000 graphics are not great, but most folks expected that.

OTOH, there are two major Intel chipset releases scheduled for next year since broadwell has been so delayed. Which might mean another mini update a year from now-ish. (Probably to broadwell when skylake has been introduced to everything else. Anyone looked into the state of the hackintosh recently?)
R (11 Jun 2015 4:11): Content blocking coming to iOS 9! One thing this article didn't mention as a reason to use an ad-blocker: ad networks have been used to serve browser exploits from high-traffic, trusted sites, e.g.: HuffPo. Trusting a site to trust their ad network to trust their tests that ensure vendors aren't malicious seems like a bad idea.
R (22 Sep 2015 23:13): Re: content filtering: It only works on 64-bit iOS devices :(

Also, speculation about future non-x86 things from Apple.
m (6 Mar 2016 16:50): Fruits we have eaten in Costa Rica: mango, water apple, papaya, banana, cantaloupe, palm heart (this is probably veg), raw coffee bean (does this count?)
Fruit juices we've had here: cas, tamarind, starfruit, orange, soursop, guava, passion fruit, frog water. One more that was dark red but I don't remember what fruit it was.

Obvious: there are a lot of fruits here!
sam (15 Apr 2016 22:13): Who's going to register
m (16 Apr 2016 10:33): Surely already taken!

Is .vr an extension yet?
G (16 Apr 2016 17:04): Surely VR should be considered a country,, and so should be receive a two letter TLD.
sam (16 Apr 2016 19:54): Is this what you had in mind?
m (16 Apr 2016 21:01): I'm just saying, if .wtf and .tattoo get to be sovereign nations (to say nothing of .sex and .sexy) maybe we can just open the TLDs up to arbitrary strings?
G (16 Apr 2016 23:23): Sure! Totally! It's just that the current rules are that two-letter TLDs are only for countries. Otherwise we'd already have a .vr and a... I dunno. Maybe Sam could finally realize his dream of owning musk.ox
sam (19 Apr 2016 21:34): I'll have to settle for musk.oxen
m (20 Apr 2016 11:08): You'll have to settle for
m (20 Apr 2016 11:08): (or the badly spelled
m (13 Jun 2016 18:44): Macbook charger teardown

Apple's involvement with switching power supplies goes back to 1977 when Apple's chief engineer Rod Holt designed a switching power supply for the Apple II. According to Steve Jobs:[3] "That switching power supply was as revolutionary as the Apple II logic board was. Rod doesn't get a lot of credit for this in the history books but he should. Every computer now uses switching power supplies, and they all rip off Rod Holt's design."

This is a fantastic quote, but unfortunately it is entirely false. The switching power supply revolution happened before Apple came along, Apple's design was similar to earlier power supplies[4] and other computers don't use Rod Holt's design. Nevertheless, Apple has extensively used switching power supplies and pushes the limits of charger design with their compact, stylish and advanced chargers.
m (20 Apr 2017 17:48): This post intentionally mis-filed (click through!)
R (21 Apr 2017 21:21): I dislike how my (discontinued! :C ) RSS feed reader app doesn't show the address bar, so that I get no warning at all on that link. At least Safari shows the domain to be strange. Didn't check on my phone though...
m (21 Apr 2017 22:06): Better than my Chromium which just shows ""!!