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R (29 Dec 2006 9:03): Where does reality get off, rubbing my face in the kind of person I am. What does it think it is, some sort of ULTIMATE ARBITER or something? Fuck /that/ noise.
R (3 Feb 2009 11:37): Apropos of February.
Paul (2 May 2010 16:19): Official government advisory: "se debe asumir que todo ciudadano mexicano podrá ser molestado y cuestionado sin mayor causa en cualquier momento."
m (2 May 2010 20:26): Is this the first time a government has issued a warning advising avoiding a US State?
Paul (18 Apr 2011 5:28): Instructions to connect to wifi from Mexico City Airport, Sala F, near Sbarro and Tacos Don Manolito: See sign "Wifi Infinitum Movil wireless internet connection". Scan. Connect to "infinitum movil". Open browser. Click "get free wireless". Enter name, email and phone number as prompted. Wait. Monitor tcpdump. Wait. Click again. Wait. Scan again. Connect to "admiralsclub". Open browser. Works!
m (18 Apr 2011 15:06): wait...
G (18 Apr 2011 18:12): Silly Paul.
You give them the info, then you check your email for the password.
Paul (18 Apr 2011 19:43): How would I check my email without internet access?
z (18 Apr 2011 19:51): obviously you use 'admiralsclub' to check your email; why did you think they left that loophole :)