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Paul (5 Sep 2016 13:12): Should I install Doninn Audio Editor from the Google play store? Pros: records, edits, saves as mp3, shows spectrograms, competition is poor, no one else does spectrograms afaict, leading competitor Skyro recently removed mp3 support. Cons: made in Russia, will it take over my phone?
m (5 Sep 2016 13:28): I see only two viable options when it comes to your phone:

(1) Install nothing that you're not certain is safe (this is more or less what I do now, but it's obviously pretty limiting)

(2) Install things that seem reasonable but treat your phone as generally untrusted (i.e. no banking, maybe make a second email that you use only for password recovery and use phone for your general personal email)

Actually this latter bit seems potentially adequate. I may switch to this.
Paul (7 Sep 2016 4:49): Yeah...the second approach is pretty confusing in practice. Like, what am I really trying to guard against? ID theft and unauthorized bank transactions via malware seem farfetched to me and likely to be stopped by the bank anyway, though I could be naive. All our data goes to the NSA anyway via prism, but the NSA seems more benign than the malware people. If I get malware, will I ever know?