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Paul (5 Apr 2005 20:15): I was raised to be suspicious of Anarchists, thinking they just supported general chaos. But the more I read, the more I agree.
Paul (2 Jun 2005 7:40): European constitution voted down: ducal disappointment or possibility of purer popular empowerment?
Grant (4 Jun 2005 19:23): Hell hath frozen? Maybe.
G (6 Jun 2005 16:39): That is going to be a headache, though. Not to say that it can't or won't be done, but it'll be a pain. It could be a good idea, but it's hard to say. I'll personally be curious to see if Apple is going to stay in the hardware game or not. Also, it raises some questions about upgrading hardware, for me. The computer I'm using now is almost sure to be a secondary one by the end of 2007, but in the meantime, what? I can see this really dragging down hardware sales in the short term.
Hello FAT apps? Natsukashii!!! :P
m (7 Jun 2005 10:11): I heard that the move was related to Intel's more developed low-power processing line wrt portable computing. bleh.
sam (7 Jun 2005 11:50): ah, so they are keeping global warming in mind. phew.
Grant (7 Jun 2005 18:42): Everybody on 'the streets' seems to be expressing some disappointment that Apple didn't go with AMD, at least. Also, Apple does plan on staying in the hardware game. The idea is that there will be a special ROM or something in their machines so that OS X can only be installed on Apple hardware. Of course, my guess is that enterprising crackers will probably find a way around it, depending on how much of a pain Apple makes it into.

If you bought an Intel Mac, you could probably run other OSes on it, though...
Grant (7 Jun 2005 18:46): Also, one of the other points that people are bringing up is that perhaps a reason for the Intel switch is to better position Apple as a purveyor of DRM media... Ugh.
Word is that future versions of iTunes and QuickTime will be interdependent? The leap that begs to be made is that Apple will push its iTunes Music Store to become a movie store, as well. First Apple will start selling music videos (which it is already very close to doing, if not already doing), which are a commodity that labels have had no real way to make money off of once they were no longer being played on TV. Then, entire movies will begin being offered in that newfangled H.2342533234 format or whatever.
Grant (11 Jun 2005 0:10): Wipe that smug little grin off your face, Sam.
Global warming is obviously more complicated than you realize.
m (11 Jun 2005 13:38): I thought you were going to give us the hockey stick
m (11 Jun 2005 13:45): whoah! That link was like a fucking joke that wasn't. I guess a lot of stuff is like that, huh. well fuck. it's a good thing I hate penguins so much.
Paul (28 Jan 2006 13:05): articles about anarchism in Philly
m (9 Feb 2007 20:01): Seattle honors system coffee shop.
Paul (12 Sep 2009 11:46): pacifist socialists may be mollified for now, but the new protesters are nationalist libertarians
m (13 Dec 2013 12:21): Camden, NJ (just across the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philadelphia):
It's a major metropolitan area run by armed teenagers with no access to jobs or healthy food. Over three years, fires raged, violent crime spiked and the murder rate soared so high that on a per-capita basis, it "put us somewhere between Honduras and Somalia," says Police Chief J. Scott Thomson.
m (13 Dec 2013 14:32): The whole thing is just fucking surreal:
He nods in the direction of a street corner, where a policeman in a paramilitary-style uniform, all steel-blue with a baseball-style cap, stands on guard. There's one of these sentries every few hundred feet, each seemingly within eyesight of the other, each standing bolt upright and saluting military-style when the chief drives by. We watch as a few elderly black pedestrians amble by, and if you listen carefully you can catch the street patrolmen diligently offering RoboCop-ian greetings to each one as they pass.

The plan is to deploy more and more of these getting-to-know-you details, moving neighborhood by neighborhood, working their way up to places like North Camden
G (14 Dec 2013 11:21): Oof. Sounds pretty bad.