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R (21 Nov 2008 11:14): Results 1 - 10 of about 173,000 for "grand theft audio". (0.33 seconds)
R (21 Nov 2008 11:16): No results found for "grand theft oligo"
G (22 Nov 2008 15:48): 120 hits for "grand theft oreo." :S
G (22 Nov 2008 18:04): 207 hits for "Grand Theft Obama."
54 hits for "Grand Theft Hobo."
28 hits for "Grand Theft Orange."
26 hits for "Grand Theft Banana."
8 hits for "Grand Theft Homo."
6 hits for "Grand Theft Octo."
3 hits for "Grand Theft Boat-o."
2 hits for "Grand Theft Rodeo."
2 hits for "Grand Theft Octopus."
0 hits for "Grand Theft Doeo."
5 hits for "Grand Theft Noun" - but most only one of them is a 'real' hit.
G (23 Nov 2008 12:11): No results found for "grand theft hors d'oeuvres".
m (23 Nov 2008 15:30): 2190 for "Grand Theft Otto"
m (23 Nov 2008 15:36): I hate urban dictionary:
Pablo Don Carlos was convicted of grand theft taco when he undoubtedly stole Sally's virginity in a hilariously humiliating way.
m (14 Mar 2014 16:44): This is what the Roman Calendar (i.e. pre- Julius Caesar fixing things quite a bit) looked like. I don't know why it's so full of scribbles. And that thing on the far right is an "intercalary month", a sometimes month that's 27 days long but which adds 22 days to the length of the year (it comes between February and March, but it ridiculously steals five of Feb's days to stick at the end of the month)

Yes. Just yes.