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Reed (9 Sep 2009 9:01): All 9 fever!
G (9 Sep 2009 15:46): Sweet! I can't wait for July.........
m (1 Oct 2011 13:53): anyone nab a spot at the penny arcade warehouse sale?
G (1 Oct 2011 19:03): Nope. All sold out the first time I looked.
m (2 Oct 2011 8:38): grumpy!


Paul (28 Sep 2008 8:27): "In the final hours of negotiations, Democratic lawmakers, including Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois and Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota, carried pages of the bill by hand, back and forth, from Speaker Nancy Pelosiís office, where the Democrats were encamped, to Mr. Paulson and other Republicans in the offices of Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the House minority leader."

Huh. Sounds like our nation's leaders aren't up on instant messaging.