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m (6 Feb 2007 23:02): so zsh has a sweet [edit: fucking confusing] directory stack feature, where you can push and pop directories for ease of navigating between places [edit: I think]. [edit: Fuck, I no longer know if it's cool or not. Trying to use it.]

does bash have this? Why are you still using bash? [edit: fuck]


m (26 Sep 2005 15:02): so, uh, what are you guys up to these days? I'm in seattle for another week, then heading out to Maine for a bit to hang out with my mom's dad. rock on, trees. I was going to drive there, but my car (as you may have gathered) is pretty fucked the fuck up. fuck. so flying it is which, you know, would be cool if it weren't so goddamn expensive.
m (30 Sep 2005 22:44): while I'm searching -- it's comforting that I may not have the foulest mouth here.

Mac OS X

Interface Bigot (11 Sep 2005 18:10): Brushed Metal has always been a piece of junk in my opinion. It's (especially) atrocious in the Finder. I guess I've gotten kind of used to it in, for example, Safari and iTunes... that's basically where I can ignore it the most, though.

But when you compare it to it's roots - when QuickTime 4 was the only app that used it, and it was completely non-standard - it's become much better. I'm not sure it was a good idea, but over the next three or four years, Apple improved it and made it a 'standard' interface option. I still think it's bad, mind you, or at least not good, but it's not quite the satanic, bulky interface that slavishly imitated thumbwheels and such back in OS 9.

Is this what they're trying to do with the 'unified' 'theme' (which is actually the most discontinuous experience that OS X has to offer)? And if so, are they going to replace brushed metal with it? Or just tack a third theme onto OS X? Maybe they'll make the 'tic-tac' button three-state!!! Maybe they'll make a fucking button you can type into now, or a menu you have to double-click. Maybe they'll make a button that you type into that underlines when you mouse over it and creates a fucking menu in the middle of the screen with text that uses a separate fucking renderer and makes a little ripple on your desktop when it's activated!

My opinion? An OS only needs one theme at a time, thank you. Another thing we don't need is some blasphemous 'view as web page' bullshit faggot-ing up our computers. Ahem. Fuck.


G (22 Jun 2005 18:47): Just some clarification - no, it doesn't look like it will go through. Despite having passed in the 'House (for like the seventh time, or something), it will probably fall 1 or 2 votes short in the senate (as it needs 2/3 approval). Even if it passed the senate, then it has to be ratified by 3/4 of the states.

So why do they keep fucking passing this shit, when it is fucking doomed to fail? It's a waste of time, but far more damning would be the motivation. If it's all but guaranteed to get shot down (again), then they must just be doing it so they can fucking strut in front of their bullet-headed, closed-minded, right-wingèd supporters.

I don't respect the people who support this cause, and I find just as sickening those who would see this cause for what it is, yet still attempt to exploit it for their personal gain rather than attempt to do the right thing, educate their constituency, or something. My liberal blood boils!