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m (22 Sep 18:00): Cook Serve Delicious 2!!!$!!2!


m (20 Sep 8:46): Obligatory XKCD for Dex, but sadly no mention of the usb cables that are slightly off-tolerance and mess up the micro-usb port in your peripheral

In my kind of ancient Pi, and I guess this is a common problem, the usb port (what do you call the non-peripheral end? anyway, it's a full size normal usb port like your computer has) was weirdly small, so that after a little while trying to get my wifi dongle into it I saw that the interior pins had been bent all the way to the back. Going to have to solder half a usb cable with a female end to the board in order to fix, if I ever feel like using the Pi. Which, just to be clear, is unlikely after that rough start.
m (20 Sep 8:50): If it wasn't clear from the above, those were two different things - Dex has complained about non-standard microUSB cables that mess up his phone's port (maybe the stay-slot that catches those two teeth?) so that the manufacturer cables that used to work fine no longer stay in when charging, but rather fall out easily. I've had cables that fall out of my whatever, and I've wondered if this was somehow the cause.

Different from the bizarre Pi issue that I've never experienced in any other context.